When it comes to Anadrol doses, of all anabolic steroids from which we have to choose the actual doses we will find to be more cut and dry than with most other anabolic steroids. There is as with most steroids a set amount that will be needed to provide the desired anabolic activity; however, we will find a unique situation as it pertains to increasing the dose. While true, fortunately the same Anadrol doses will work each and every time; your body is not going to reject a dose just because you've used the same dose in previous cycles; this cannot happen anymore than your body can start rejecting the air it's been breathing your entire life. Nevertheless, we will guide you along the way so that you can find the right Anadrol doses to meet your needs.

Standard Anadrol Doses:

As is common, most Anadrol doses will be built around off-season mass gaining phases; the period of time in-which we are trying to build and add lean tissue to our frame. For this purpose, most men will need at a minimum 25mg every single day during use; however, while this is the minimum it is a pretty low dose. As is the case, 50mg per day is normally far more efficient and effective, and such a dosing will yield some very dramatic results. Can more be taken, absolutely; however, there will be as we soon see a sharp falloff point.

Increasing the Dose:


We can increase our Anadrol doses beyond 50mg per day; however, it's important you run a cycle or two at 50mg per day in-order to see how your body responds at this 50mg level. For many men, 50mg per day may be all they ever want or need, but if more is desired Anadrol doses can go as high as 100mg per day. 100mg per day is a fairly large dose, and in truth this is as much Anadrol as anyone will ever need.

As eluded to above, when we increase our Anadrol doses there is a sharp falloff point; the risk to reward ratio begins to skew dramatically at a certain point. With most anabolic steroids, the more we take the greater the reward; however, the more we take the greater the risk of side-effects. In the case of Anadrol doses, when we increase the dosing above 100mg per day we most certainly increase the risk; however, the benefits do not equally increase. For example, Anadrol doses of 150mg per day will rarely produce more gains than 100mg per day; in-fact, such doses have been shown to dramatically suppress the appetites of many men, and this is in no way efficient when growth is desired.

Contest Anadrol Doses:

While it is normally used for off-season gains, Anadrol holds a special place in the hearts of many competitive bodybuilders when it comes to contest dieting. With this phase of use, the bodybuilder will supplement with low to moderate Anadrol doses the last two to four weeks before his show, and in doing so he will come to the stage with a much fuller look than he would without. For this purpose, 25mg to 50mg per day will be more than enough; in-fact, more than this will not provide any more fullness.

Duration of Use:

Regardless of your total dosage, you need to keep a time frame of use in mind; once again, there is a sharp falloff point with this steroid. Further, this is an extremely hepatotoxic steroid, and use must be limited or liver damage may very well occur. As is the case, four to six weeks of total use is our time frame; any less won't be worth much, but any more will not see your gains exceed to any significant degree. Further, surpassing the six week mark is going to put your liver under a lot of stress, and this is not something you need to provide to this vital organ.