For the ultimate in Anadrol reviews, look no further; you have come to the right place. Here you will find the answers you're looking for, and in doing so you'll ensure you never purchase a low grade Anadrol tab again. As you know, this is a steroid that's sometimes counterfeited, but far more common it is severely under-dosed. Of course, through this Anadrol review, concerns of this nature are no longer concerns at all; you're only concern will be growing like a weed.

The Basis:

Through our Anadrol Review, we are not promoting any specific product; if you happen to find a particular Underground Lab (UGL) that manufactures a product that's not on our list that's fine; however, understand it's unlikely. Through our review, we have provided the top brands of Anadrol that have proven themselves year after year, and as a result earned themselves a place at the top of the list. Further, in-order for a particular brand to make our Anadrol review, it is not only a great product, it must be one most people will have access to; listing a bunch of brands 99% of you can't get your hands on really doesn't help you. Further, there are some high quality Anadrol brands that have been discontinued over the years, and while there may still be some floating around out there such brands are not considered for this Anadrol review.

The Best of the Best:


Of all the brands out there, our Anadrol review has found the best to be Anadrol 50, Anadrolic and Hemogenin; the latter can be a little hard to get if you live in the U.S. but it is possible and definitely possible just about anywhere else in the world. Beyond these three brands, Oxydrolone is also another fantastic brand; it hasn't been around quite as long as the other three; however, so far it has matched up perfectly with the other brands. At any rate, the information you need is as follows:




Anadrol 50


United States


British Dispensary






Alpha Pharma


For many of you, one of the first things you may have noticed is our Anadrol review has neglected to mention Anapolon, and that was not a mistake. Anapolon can be a fantastic brand; however, there is a massive amount of counterfeit Anapolon on the market, and this can make it a tough buy in many cases.

UGL Guide:

If you're going to go with a UGL brand, this is where an Anadrol review becomes extremely difficult; that shouldn't be too surprising. The problem with UGL's is they may very well be on top of their game, but like a flip of a light switch they can begin turning out horrible products. In many cases, it's a greedy manufacturer being just that, greedy, but then there's another problem. Many manufactures are limited to the raw powders they can get their hands on, and in most cases, they're limited to the Chinese market; this isn't a good thing. In such cases, your particular UGL may have the best intentions in the world, but again that light switch is flipped, the powder they're receiving is garbage, and that's what you're left with in your hand. For this reason, if you're going to stay on top of the UGL market, you'll need to view yearly Anadrol reviews or rather lab reviews done by those such as William Llewellyn; Llewellyn continues to put out reviews each and every year of a high quality nature on every UGL imaginable.


More than likely, this will not be the only Anadrol review you take a look at; there are countless available. While true, we must extend a strong warning, a word of caution if such reviews are to be considered. Many Anadrol reviews, and this goes for numerous anabolic steroid reviews are actually provided by specific manufactures; they should be easy to spot. The reason we are providing this warning is of course such a manufacturer is going to state their product is superior; proceed with extreme caution.