Anadrol 50 is a potent and popular oral anabolic steroid first brought to the market by Syntex Pharmaceuticals in the 1960s, and where other anabolic steroids have come and gone, Anadrol has always remained. When it first hit the shelves, it was brought forth in an effort to treat numerous muscle wasting diseases; unlike another popular oral steroid, Dianabol, Anadrol was not brought to the market for the purpose of performance enhancement. Even so, as it proved to be a rapid muscle increasing tool, it too would soon find a welcomed home in the world of performance based supplementation; in-fact, youll find more Anadrol there than anywhere else.

Its impossible to deny this steroids raw mass promoting power, but when we look at Anadrol, we also find an anabolic steroid that is by far one of the most misunderstood of all. People often except more than it can do, or they have expectations that are of an impossible nature; very common, is to compare it to other steroids that it shares no similarities to. While these are common problems when it comes to understanding Anadrol, after today they are problems you will no longer have. We want to look at everything Anadrol is, and by doing so, youll know exactly what it isnt.

Anadrol - Traits and Nature:


Oxymetholone is a powerful dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived anabolic steroid that is most commonly associated by its most popular trade name Anadrol 50 or simply Anadrol. An oral steroid that carries an active half-life of approximately 8.5 hours, Anadrol carries a massive anabolic rating of 320. In order to give this some teeth, all anabolic androgenic steroids carry an anabolic and androgenic rating measured against testosterone; testosterone carries a rating of 100 in both categories. At any rate, this gives you a good idea as to how anabolic Anadrol is; as for its androgenic rating, its only 45; however, this is very deceiving. The rating of a steroid is based on the compounds structural nature, but whats more important is how anabolic and androgenic activity translates into real life action. For example, the anabolic steroid Halotestin carries a massive androgenic rating; however, it will display no androgenic traits. Then theres Proviron which displays a pretty decent anabolic rating; however, no one really expects to grow from this steroid. In the case of Anadrol, its androgenic rating is a bit deceiving as it will yield more androgenic traits than its rating implies; this is the primary reason women cannot supplement with this steroid or virilization will occur.

As a DHT based compound, Anadrol does not aromatize; however, interestingly enough it can lead to many of the same estrogenic effects. The reason for such effects despite aromatization has been debated for decades, and to this day there is still no cut and dry answer to this question. Nevertheless, this will play an important role in-regard to side-effects. Another important note about this steroids nature in-regard to side-effects is its state of nature; specifically, Anadrol is a C17-alpha alkylated (C17-aa) anabolic steroid, and as such it carries a tremendous hepatotoxic nature; in-fact, its one of the most liver toxic steroids at our disposal.

Beyond the above, Anadrol is one of the fastest acting steroids we have to choose from, and the results will be fast and tremendous in-terms of muscle tissue gains and strength, but there are some interesting notes that are not common with most anabolic steroids. One reason weight gain is promoted so strongly is Anadrol can greatly increase your appetite; interestingly enough, too much Anadrol can actually weaken your appetite. Further, this is one of the few anabolic steroids that has a rapid falloff point; were referring to gains made by increasing the dose. With most steroids, the more you take the more benefits there are at hand; granted, side-effects risk increase but so do gains and this holds true to Anadrol to a degree; however, only slightly. There is a point in dosing where you wont receive much more in-terms of gains no matter how much you increase the dose, but you will increase the probability of side-effects tremendously.

The Benefits of Anadrol:

The benefits of Anadrol 50 can largely be separated into two categories; performance enhancement and therapeutic treatment. In the case of therapeutic treatment, Anadrol is often used to combat severe anemia and muscle wasting diseases. In the case of anemia, this is a condition where the body is lacking in red blood cells, and fortunately for such an individual Anadrol will increase such production; problem solved. Of course, muscle wasting treatment is this steroids primary therapeutic purpose; other milder steroids are far more common in the treatment of anemia. In the case of muscle wasting diseases, this can include anything from cancer to aids or anything else that might cause lean tissue wasting. As Anadrol directly promotes the growth of new and existing tissue, once again the problem is solved. This can also be very beneficial as it pertains to strength loss; tissue wasting is often accompanied by strength loss, and Anadrol 50 is a fantastic strength increasing steroid.

Then we have performance enhancement, and without question off-season bulking cycles will be this steroids primary purpose of use. In most cases, the individual will supplement with Anadrol at the beginning of a new mass gaining phase; this will ensure he kick starts the cycle off with force while the slower injectable steroids are building up in his system. Through such use, its not uncommon for the individual to gain as much as 20lbs in a matter of weeks; sometimes more. Of course, for such growth to occur there must be adequate food intake; if your caloric intake is below maintenance you shouldnt expect a lot of growth; Anadrol is truly dependent on the food we eat. Of course, its easy to get carried away with this, and if youre not careful you may find excess fat gain to be a problem; no, its not the Anadrol, its you overeating; increase your caloric intake enough to grow, but no more.

Then we have another off-season benefit of Anadrol, and this time it is mid-cycle use. At some point and time, regardless of other steroids being in play youre going to hit a wall and your progress will slow down or even come to a screeching halt. When this occurs, something must change, and this is the point and time when many performance enhancers will change the steroids theyre using. During this time, a few weeks of Anadrol 50 can be the answer as it will see you break through this sticking point with strong authority. It must be noted; if you supplemented with Anadrol as a kick starter, due to its extremely hepatotoxic nature there should be at least six weeks of no C17-aa steroid use in-between a kick start and mid-cycle use.

While off-season use represents the primary benefits of Anadrol in a performance sense, cutting cycles can benefit as well; some cutting cycles. In this case, were referring to cutting cycles for competitive bodybuilders, and were referring to use at the end of a cutting plan once the individual is already at a lean state. Through such use, the bodybuilder will be able to maximize his carb loading phase and come to the stage with a much fuller look; this is a practice many competitive bodybuilders take advantage of the last two to four weeks before a show. Of course, this is also a practice that should not be undertaken if you have no experience with this steroid or lack a full understanding of how to control water retention. You need to understand how your body responds to Anadrol before you ever give this practice a try, and you need to be confident in-regards to water protocol before your show. If you are not in shape and running behind, this is more than likely a practice youll need to avoid, but if youre in shape, you understand how your body reacts to the hormone and you know exactly what to do water wise, pre-contest Anadrol can provide a tremendous benefit.

The Side-Effects of Anadrol:

When it comes to the side-effects of Anadrol 50, we have a steroid that carries nearly every last possible side-effect an anabolic steroid can offer; no one in their right mind can call this a side-effect friendly steroid. Even so, such side-effects still largely rest in the realm of possible, and this means for the healthy adult male they can be avoided with proper use. If you already suffer from high blood pressure or cholesterol, you should not supplement; further, if your liver isnt healthy you should not supplement. Moreover, if you suffer from prostate issues, Anadrol and all anabolic steroids should be avoided, but if youre a healthy adult male, then and only then can use be considered.

Despite this steroid lacking any aromatizing nature, as stated above common estrogenic effects are more than possible; most notably gynecomastia, high blood pressure and water retention. In-order to combat all three, the use of an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) is often advised; Anastrozole (Arimidex) and Letrozole (Femara) are all excellent choices. Of course, the job of an AI is to inhibit aromatase, but in this case there is no aromatase; however, an AI will also reduce the bodys estrogen levels, and as a result you will be protected. Even so, even with an AI, if your Anadrol doses go too high blood pressure can still be an issue, and on this basis we must again stress responsible use. Further, while an AI should prevent water retention, which also contributes to high blood pressure, if youre still holding water there are only two possible problems. It is possible that your AI dose is too low; however, in most cases, it simply means youre eating too much. If you overeat, and this holds true with or without anabolic steroids and especially with carbohydrates you will hold water. Control your diet, use an AI and act like you have a brain and water retention should not be an issue.

Beyond its estrogenic nature, Anadrol also carries the three primary DHT related side-effects, but there is hope. Such side-effects will largely be based on your genetic predisposition, and once again your state of health and overall dosing will play a role. By recognizing these effects, youll have a better understanding; they include:

Acne: DHT steroids are notorious for causing acne, but normally only in those who are already sensitive. If you are using a high quality product and youre not sensitive, while its possible its very unlikely youll have a problem. At any rate, it is very important that you keep your skin dry and clean at all times; if this means an extra shower or two a day then so be it. Further, always change your shirt after you become sweaty into a clean dry shirt; better yet, take a shower, but if this isnt possible change your shirt and shower as soon as you can. It should be noted; if you are not sensitive to acne to begin with but supplement with insanely high doses, you may have a problem.

Hair-Loss: men who are predisposed to male-pattern baldness may find Anadrol like all DHT based steroids speeds up the process; you were going to lose your hair any way, but now you may lose it a little sooner. If you are not predisposed, you will not be at risk, but if you are predisposed there is hope. First and foremost, if youre predisposed and truly concerned about your hair-line, you should avoid DHT compounds, but if you still want to give Anadrol a try you may find the use of the androgen suppressor Finasteride to be useful as is can offer hair-line protection by suppressing DHT.

Prostate Enlargement: large buildups of DHT will cause prostate enlargement, and this is why responsible doses are imperative. Further, this is why it is important that we do not supplement with DHT based steroids in a non-stop fashion; if you do, you will be at a severe risk. If for any reason prostate enlargement occurs, this is where Finasteride can be truly useful as it has been shown to have the ability to greatly reduce enlargement.

The above represents the majority of the possible side-effects of Anadrol, but there is one more to discuss and it is the big one; liver toxicity. As we have stated, Anadrol 50 is extremely hepatotoxic, and this is due to it being a C17-aa anabolic steroid. This nature refers to a structural change of the hormone at the 17th carbon position that allows it to survive the first pass through the liver; without this change the majority of the hormone would be destroyed by the liver before you could receive the desired and intended benefits. While necessary, it is a necessary evil as this C17-aa nature makes Anadrol extremely toxic to the liver. For this reason, it is imperative your liver is healthy before supplementation is considered, and if considered it is imperative you supplement with doses that will not destroy your liver, but it doesnt end there. Excess alcohol consumption must be avoided; in-fact, youd be best served by avoiding all alcohol consumption as alcohol does present a fair amount of stress to the liver; excess alcohol presents an enormous stress. No, were not done yet; if Anadrol 50 is used, you must avoid all over the counter medications where possible. Many over the counter medications are C17-aa medications; in-fact, many are just as if not more hepatotoxic than many anabolic steroids. If you can do these things, your liver enzyme values are still going to increase; however, they will return to normal once use is discontinued and no damage should be done; again, this is all assuming your liver was healthy to begin with.